Monday, March 31, 2008

Benefits of Off-Campus Life

None of the roommates has class on MWF mornings, so this morning all of us (Wilson, Dan, James, and myself) got up at 7:30 and ran a few miles. And by a few I mean 2; it's a start. After cooling down we all hung out in the kitchen and made bacon and chocolate chip pancakes. Which almost certainly offset all the health benefits of the run. All together, though, it made for a great morning. I'm not usually a morning person, but it always feels good to get an early start to the day.

In other news, I should hear this week from both ECHO in Florida and (potentially) the organization in Nairobi that has my resume. I'm probably equally excited about both opportunities: if I get a "yes" from both organizations I will have a tough decision ahead of me. On the other hand, if I get a "no" from both organizations I'm not sure where I'll turn to.

David Scott called me a couple of nights ago to say that he was looking into moving into an immigrant area of downtown Atlanta, and either working for a non-profit in the city or just getting a normal job and focusing on cross-cultural relationships for about a year. He suggested that if I don't have any plans, I should live with him. I'm thinking about it. If Kenya and ECHO both fall through, I will think about it even harder.